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Does Home Depot Deliver Lumber?

If you are building a home, you might be wondering, Does Home Depot deliver lumber? Buying lumber from Home Depot is a convenient way to purchase the lumber you need for your project. However, before ordering lumber, you should know what to expect. The price of lumber can fluctuate greatly, and the company does not guarantee delivery dates. If you would like to schedule a delivery, you need to make sure that you know the exact location of your local store.

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The good news is that Home Depot delivers lumber and other building materials at a nominal cost and to your local curbside. The company uses a three-wheeled “moffatt” forklift with all-terrain tires to deliver the material to you. You can choose between curbside delivery or a pick-up at your Home Depot store, or you can opt for a delivery with an additional fee.

To ensure your lumber arrives on time, you can opt for Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store, and Home Depot Pro services. Home Depot is also rolling out a new same-day delivery service that is aimed at contractors and professionals. Lastly, there are two new apps available for Home Depot customers that let them schedule their own delivery, even in an urgent situation. Bungii delivers home-shopping purchases in less than 24 hours, and the app provides an instant delivery estimate.

If you’d like to receive your orders in the store, Home Depot has a service where you can pick up your purchases from their curbside. Home Depot employees will process your order, confirm it, and send you a text message when the products are ready for pickup. You can even pick-up your orders until 6 PM on the day you place the order, which is great for those who need the lumber delivered at a short notice.

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