How To Encourage Good Behaviour?

Children learn to behave well quickly when they receive guidance in a positive environment. Using an LMS for learning eliminated the requirement of being well-behaved in a classroom. Although these students understand the importance of remaining well-behaved, applying the same in a classroom might be a little more difficult for them because they must learn to adjust to an offline classroom environment first.

An institute ERP can assist students to learn good manners and put up positive behavior. 

Why must students be well-behaved?

  • Students can stay focused and keep their eyes on the board, projector, and teacher.
  • Every child can come to school well prepared because they follow their teacher’s instructions.
  • They learn to remain calm, collected, and quiet when a classroom session is going on. Asking questions without interrupting the lecture is also the quality of a well-behaved student.
  • They learn cooperative and communicative values, coordinating with all the stakeholders of a classroom.
  • Being well-behaved benefits online teaching too. Students focus on their classroom screens rather than surfing the Internet Newmags

Tips to encourage good behavior

Teachers can motivate their students to be well-mannered students in the following ways;

Setting example

The first step to teaching anything is to set an example. Be the ultimate role model your students can look up to. Use your positive behavior to guide the students. Action will always speak louder than verbal instructions. For example, if you want everyone to remain calm even in stressful positions, you should show similar values. They will understand from your portrayal of good behavior how beneficial it is.

Showcasing emotions

Telling your student how you feel about the behavior of your students has a direct effect on them. If you start inserting the word ‘I’ in your sentences, the chances are your students will try to see things from a teacher’s perspective and understand the need to be well-behaved.


Students learn constantly, and not in one go. They will learn good manners every day in practical situations in a classroom. Give them regular feedback on how well they are doing to inform them what other areas they must improve on and the positive behavior they have already mastered. Encouragement comes from both appreciation of making progress and feedback or criticism of what still needs improvement.

Be active listener

Listen to your students instead of simply waiting to respond. Understand their course of action and don’t hold anyone responsible for any wrongdoing which they did not mean to do. 

Create a suitable environment

A positive environment can influence a child’s behavior and shape their thinking process. Build a safe environment, with stimulating factors for the students f95web.

Keep your promises

Often, teachers forget to keep their promises because of a busy schedule. Some students will remember what the teacher had previously promised, and hold it against them at times. This brews a negative emotion in them. By keeping your promises, you benefit the classroom in two ways. Firstly the students have faith in you, and here are instructions because you keep your word, and following your word of advice benefits them. Secondly, they too learn to keep their promises of being well behaved wolowtube.

Understand the students’ perspective

Teachers have to understand what every child goes through. Some wrongdoings and behaviors are not bad manners but an immediate response to a circumstance. By getting down to your child’s level and understanding why they undertook an action, you can eliminate the possibility of seeing the student in the wrong light and hold them responsible for bad behavior in the classroom which was not their fault. You can also avoid students misbehaving in class out of spite.

Clear instructions

Classroom instructions for every activity and event should be made clear early on. Children know the instructions and can go back to reading them if held on the classroom bulletin board and follow these short, simple instructions to the point europixhdpro.

Responsibility and consequences

Teacher student the importance of responsibility to encourage good behavior among them. Once they can be held responsible for an action, it feels like a reward for them as they feel accomplished. Similarly, they should also understand the consequences of not being responsible and well-mannered.

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