Preparing for your divorce in Alabama: Top tips

You are filing for divorce in Alabama and now need help to sort out your concerns. People often fail to understand that divorces are complicated and involve a considerable prep work. It is not just about ending your marriage but also about sorting out many issues that are a part of married life. Here are some quick tips to prepare for your Alabama divorce.

  1. Find an expert. Talk to top lawyers and law firms like The Harris Firm to understand the divorce process better. A good lawyer will ensure that you know your rights and legal options and have a fair idea of how things may pan out. Lawyers do much more than just handling paperwork and forms. They are responsible for many things, including simplifying the mediation and negotiation process.
  2. Evaluate your financial situation. Divorce will impact your life financially, and there are no two ways about that. Sit down with your CPA and figure out the financial position of your family. Consider what you and your spouse own and owe. Consider your income in the present, and your lawyer can help you decide whether you should seek spousal support.
  3. Make a file. You need to take photocopies of your important documents and create a file that your lawyer will require to process the divorce. The list includes income tax returns for the last two to three years, recent pay stubs, financial account statements, credit card statements, and other documents that may concern real estate. You also need to make copies of documents related to the assets that you and your spouse own jointly.
  4. Create a budget. How much is your current family expense for each month? How much of it is your contribution? If you get divorced, would you be able to survive on your own? Having a budget is necessary so that you understand where you stand after the divorce.
  5. Stay in the house. Even though things are rough and hard at home, you shouldn’t be moving out until your lawyer says so. Make sure that you stick to the house, especially if you own it jointly with your spouse.

Finally, ensure that you maintain a good profile during the course of the divorce, especially if you believe that your spouse is likely to create problems. This also means that you shouldn’t be dating someone or consider moving in with your partner. Ask your lawyer about the dos and don’ts you need to follow.

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