Top 10 Public Relations Agencies for Your Startup Promotion

The decision to hire a professional start up PR agency is very important for your startup. This significant step will influence your company and make your brand well-known. The goal of a PR campaign is to present an eye-catching story and post it in the right publication. It is your chance to get exposed in front of thousands of potential clients. You should deal with PR agencies which stick to a traditional system, which means consistency.

When you think about hiring a PR agency, you need to have enough budget for that. If you have a startup, the financial part can be the biggest challenge. Besides, many new startups do not have stability and bandwidth to launch a traditional public relation campaign.

As a startup owner, you should know that there are many PR forms. You can start dealing with agencies, which specialize on the essential needs of startups. Usually such agencies mix traditional and non-traditional PR approaches and promotion tactics.

If you want your startup to stand the competition on the market, you will not do without professional PR managers. They help your startup become visible and successful. If you do not know where to start, you can check the list of agencies that specialize with startups.

Bob Gold & Associates

The headquarter of this PR agency is in Southern California. The agency specializes in various PR technologies and provides services to a big number of clients, both startups and big corporations. Many young startups benefited from Bob Gold & Associates.

Cascade Communications

It is one of the oldest and respectful agencies dealing with startups. The agency helps with building a public relations campaign, branding, mentorship, and design. Do not forget to check a separate section devoted to PR services for startups.

The Pollack PR Marketing Group

The agency is famous for developing a lot of efficient platforms/programs for communication. The team of talented PR experts help startups launch new products/services. Their specialty is increasement of clients’ engagement. The team has conducted many successful PR campaigns including


The PR agency is based in Milan and consists of many talented consultants who work in four different sectors: corporate, financial, technology, innovation, destination, and travel communication. Many startups became successful thanks to Now!PR, such as Blink Innovative, and now it is your turn.

TrizCom PR

It is an award-winning PR agency, which has an entire section for startups. You can hire the best experts to launch your marketing campaign, provide strategic recommendations, create your startup identity, develop plans for communications with clients, partners, and media. They are ready to make your startup stand out and shine brightly.

Zmest Marketing Agency

It is a young PR team, but with an excellent reputation. Every startup dealing with Zmest Marketing Agency can see the results of their devoted work very soon. The agency has launched 20+ successful PR projects in different parts of the world. The team provides promotion/advertising services in the worldwide market. Zmest uses all possible instruments: PR, communication, social media marketing, cooperation with influencers in order to satisfy the needs of clients to the maximum.

Vitis PR

The headquarter is based in Birmingham. This PR agency specializes in modern PR technology. You can visit the site and order a professional PR strategy, social media optimization, and other techniques to increase the growth of your startup.

Cap&Cime PR

This agency is based in Paris and specializes in public relations. Among its clients, you can see both huge corporations and little startups. The agency mixes SMM and PR in order to satisfy all the needs of its clients.

Harris Public Relations

It is an innovative public relation agency with offices in the UK and Ireland. The agency is known worldwide for delivering excellent PR campaigns for small startups and well-established businesses.

Jigsaw PR & Marketing

If you want to build your brand and boost social media communication, do not hesitate to hire Jigsaw PR & Marketing. They are the best in the public relations market.

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