Ways That A Debt Collection Agency Will Use To Find You

Even though your debt collection agency might call you regularly or send you letters, there is a chance that they might not be aware of where you live. Wondering how is that possible? 

Often, debt collection agencies refer to the address you gave to the original creditor, which could have been a while ago. Since you might move or shift to a new house or place that your debt collection agency might not be aware of. 

But that does not mean your debt collector will never find out your actual address. So it is better to look for a Zero Debt Law Firm where you can meet a debt collection attorney and figure out a way to avoid the nuisance caused by debt collection officers. 

Ways that a debt collection agency will use to find you 

  • Referring to the credit application information 

Most debt collection agencies look at the information on the credit application provided by your original creditor. The credit application contains all your details like phone number, address, age, debt amount, etc. 

Using your credit application, the debt collection agency might find your home address and come to your house if you refuse to pay the debt or do not corporate with them. 

  • Acquaintances, friends, and family 

If you fail to take calls or revert the letter sent by the debt collection agency, the debt collectors are known to contact the people you know. For example, they might call your parents, colleagues, or friends to find out where you are or other related details. 

However, such practices are restricted by the law, and if the debt collectors cross any limits, your family and friends can report them. 

  •  Phone books 

 Phone books contain all the essential information, including address names. If your debt collection agency gets a  hold of your current phone number, they can look for other details in a reverse phone directory. 

A reverse phone directory has numbers instead of names lined up in a sequence. So the agency can simply look for your number in the book to find your address. 

  • Post office 

A post office is an excellent option to out your latest address; the collection agency can find your address through your current postal address. However, you can ensure that the agency does not see the address by implementing a few steps. 

Either you can fill your latest address as a temporary postal address in the post office or provide all your friends, acquainted, and business partners with the current postal address instead of updating it with the post office. 

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