Why Does US Coffee Taste So Different to UK Coffee?

If you’ve ever wondered why US and UK coffee tastes so much different, you’ve come to the right place. While many Americans drink espresso, Brits drink black coffee instead. Even though England has traditionally been a nation of tea drinkers, the rate of coffee consumption has been steadily increasing. According to the British Coffee Association, approximately 95 million cups of coffee are drunk each day. However, the flavor and aroma of the coffee differs significantly between the two countries.

In the US, people drink more coffee than any other country, but the quality of their cup of Joe is consistently disappointing. That may be due to the proliferation of chain coffee shops and Americans’ willingness to pay up to three dollars for a shitty cup. But there’s a simpler explanation: coffee culture. While European coffee culture has more of a history of espresso, the United States is just as keen on filter coffee.

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